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Car Leasing Network, providers of cheap car leasing, contract hire and car leasing for personal and business use.

We lease all makes & models of cars & vans but we only advertise the cheapest of each modelPlease call if you require a quote for a model/brand which is not on the website. Initial rentals are flexible - meaning you can reduce the initial rental (& subsequently increase the monthly rental), to suit your budget.

Please call 01722 237 345 for quotes - as we are busy updating rates for quarter 4


Price (excl)


VW Polo 5dr £55 click
Citroen C1 5dr £69 click 
Ford Fiesta ST Line


Ford Focus ST Line £95 click
VW Tiguan (new Model)  £102 click 
VW Golf hatch (5dr) 


Mini hatch (Chilli Pack) £121 click
Mini Cabriolet (Chilli Pack) £190 click
Audi A6 Saloon £235  click
New Mercedes E Class Saloon AMG Auto  £239 click
BMW 320d M Sport Saloon £257  click
BMW X3 £277 click 
BMW 520d M Sport Saloon auto (New Shape) £323 click 
BMW 640d Gran Coupe M Sport Auto £336  click 

The Car Leasing Network Business Philosophy:

We are a professional, no nonsense, car leasing company. Our business is fully legislated meaning we are FCA approved & we hold a full data protection licence. This means you and your data are safe with us.

We are the cheapest but we also offer a good customer service. After 10 years of trading we can proudly boast that we do not have a single negative review on the internet!!

What can you expect from us?

  • We will treat you with respect.
  • We will offer you the best deal, first time, every time!. We will not load our prices & then negotiate backwards.
  • We will not play silly sales games.
  • We will return your calls
  • We will quote you.
  • We will not chase or hound you - we make one follow up call & that's it! 

What do we expect from you?

  • We ask that you treat us as the professionals we are.
  • We ask that you don't waste our time, as its just as valuable as yours.
  • We ask that you take our call when we follow up a quote.
  • We ask that you value our no nonsense time saving approach and don't use us to simply benchmark against others. We reserve the right (and often do) refuse to deal with people who don't respect our time.  

Call 01722 237 345 for a cheap car leasing quote.