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Car Leasing Network Copyright Policy

Welcome to the The Car Leasing Network car leasing copyright section.


We shouldn’t even have to make this statement as copying other car leasing companies work is not only illegal but it is just ethically wrong!  Why should one car leasing company namely us, do all the work, pay the required fees and then you just copy and paste our work into your leasing vehicle website! See where we are going with this?


For those of you (and we are probably directing this primarily at other contract hire, car lease and lease cars companies), who will still choose to ignore both the law and plain business ethics, allow us to state our Car Leasing Network copyright policy:


The Car Leasing Network the UK's vehicle lease specialist retains full copyright of all content, images and any other material on this web site. All images, design and content are the property of the Car Leasing Network. These images, design and content are protected by both UK and International copyright laws. 


If you and/or your firm, the firm you work for and/or represent copy and publish all, part of or use as is, the images, design or content of this website then you will be held personally and jointly liable.


This liability will manifest itself upon you like an ungainly beast as the unauthorised use of content on this website, will mean that you/and or the firm you work for and/or represent will be made subject to penalties, which exist under current UK and International copyright laws. 


If you infringe our copyright interests we WILL contact you and inform you of the infringement. You will NOT get away with it as we take our car lease copyright interests very seriously.  


If and where other parties’ material is represented on this website be this directly or indirectly, then their website materials and intellectual Copyright and intellectual property rights on any individual products and services represented and/or accessed on this website, are retained by the respective legal holders of the rights on each item. 


The Car Leasing Network the car leasing specialist reserves the right to charge reproduction fees and similarly the owners of any material on our website retain their right to do so as well.  


Now it is not ALL bad as we will allow you to make copies for research, private and non commercial purposes (blogs are considered commercial use!) Whilst we welcome you to make copies for these purposes we cannot offer the same for third party companies that may advertise, have links and or access via the The Car Leasing Network car leasing website.


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