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These deals are hotter than a "Phaal curry! "    

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Our car leasing business philosophy is simple:

  • We keep things simple!. Our website only lists the cheapest of each model. If you want other quotes, please call us! We like to talk to other humans! Oh we do also like to talk with dogs!
  • We provide value by offering you wholesale car leasing rates, at COST price! We earn our living by charging you a modest fee.
  • We do not negotiate. You'll get the best price at the outset. Let's not waste time!
  • We do not engage in sales games. We do NOT pressure sell, we do not offer "free" accessories & we do not market offers, that don't exist.
  • We add value to: busy professionals, successful people, people who are time strapped and people who DO NOT wish to deal with a typical "car salesman"
  • We focus on providing our customers with VALUE FOR MONEY. This means we offer you wholesale COST pricing with no negotiating & unbiased advise (as we are independent), that is best for YOU. In addition to this , we offer our customers a premium customer service. Doubt our claim? Call up and ask our MD Conrad Kriel, to quote you personally!
  • We package up wholesale car leasing deals and sell them at cost. We charge a modest fee to earn our living. Our model is a volume based one and as such you will find us to be the most NO NONSENSE, car leasing company , you will EVER deal with.

If you are similar and / or you see value in this approach give us a call. If not - thanks for stopping by anyway - we wish you happiness.