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Why use us? 

Our philosophy at Car Leasing Network is simple.
  1. We save our customers time and money & provide them with the best value for money on all makes and models of car and van leasing. 
  2. We offer the best price first time and we DO NOT negotiate and play silly sales games.
  3. We appreciate that our customers are busy people who value their time and ours. We respect your time & in turn ask that you respect ours. Lets treat each other as professionals. 
  4. We offer wholesale pricing, a no nonsense approach, impartial advice and service excellence. 

In 99% of instances we are the "cheapest" in the market-place. However more importantly, we ALWAYS offer the Best Value for Money. "Cheapest" is not always best, whereas value for money, IS ALWAYS BEST!.

"Cheapest" tends to only be based on the lowest price of a product (as a commodity). Value for money on the other hand, includes factors such as:

  1. Price,
  2. Customer service experience,
  3. Friendliness of the person/s you deal with.
  4. After sales service,
  5. Industry & professional knowledge,
  6. Impartial advice,
  7. Respect,
  8. Protection of your personal data,
  9. The knowledge that you are dealing with a fully licensed professional business.
  10. Assistance with BIK calculations.

If you are one of those people who thinks these factors don't matter then take a minute and imagine :

  • You have to haggle & play sales games to get the best price - i.e. you are not just given the cost price at the outset. This costs you money, as your professional time is wasted.
  • Your personal data is compromised as you dealt with a company who is not fully licensed
  • You receive incessant sales calls during the term of the lease.
  • Your contact data is sold on.
  • You are given incorrect advice & thus lease a car which has terrible consequences, on your BIK, taxation.
  • The funder makes a mistake & debits you for £4k instead of £2k & the "cheapest company" won't respond to your calls for help.

So how do we add value to you?........

  • We do not negotiate or engage in silly sales games. We sell at cost and Cost is cost!
  • We offer you the best deal , first time every time! No haggling or sales nonsense. Our service is as much about saving people TIME, as it is saving them MONEY.
  • We negotiate economies of scale deals & pass these savings onto you, at COST price.
  • We do all the work for you: We secure the best deal, e mail you the finance paperwork & finally deliver the car to your address of choice (foc).

So what type of people & businesses see value in our approach? 

  • Financially successful people - these people recognise "opportunity costs" i.e. the value of their time! They realise that spending a week of their time looking for the best deal, is worth more than the modest fee we charge.
  • Busy people.
  • People who DO NOT want to negotiate and play silly sales games.
  • People who want the best deal first time every time.
  • People who understand that if we give you the cost price, first time you will fulfil your side of the bargain & buy from us. 
  • People who value a personal interaction and customer service excellence.

 Why can you use us with confidence?

  • Our business is more regulated than most franchised dealers!.  
  • We are a limited company (Company number SC324032) 
  • We have been trading as a limited company since 2007.  
  • We are Vat Registered (GB 73840207) 
  • We are FCA authorised (Number: 659856/1)  
  • We are Data Protection Licence Holders (Number: Z990133X) 
  • Check out our online reviews on facebook, linked in & twitter.      
  • We have more than 26 years motor trade experience.  
  • We know the margins on all cars and vans and thus have the necessary relationships, suppliers and experience to deliver on our promises.  

So........ if you are one of the types of people or businesses i have mentioned above, then i personally will guarantee your satisfaction. How can i do this? Well its simple -ask to deal with me personally. Which other managing director does that?

If you are busy, successful, time strapped or you are simply someone who does NOT want to engage in silly sales games - call us, and we guarantee we will deliver you value for money and a customer centric experience.

Conversely if you are the type of person who has two weeks worth of time to shop about for a saving of £2 a month, or you plan on taking our pricing to another supplier who betters it by £2, then please DON'T call us.

Please remember that on most of our offers we are only given small quantities of cars (8 -10 units). These cars will ALWAYS be marketed to our customers, first. On a LOT of occassions this is done solely by word of mouth (i.e. we do not advertise them on the website). Our thinking is as follows: the people who deal with us, respect our approach & time and whom we have a relationship with, deserve to be offerred, the best deals first.